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CekMobilku workshop was established for the first time in 1978 under the name Auto Strada which is located on Jalan Rajawali Raya. This workshop is a collaboration between the founder of CekMobilku workshop, Wijanto Tanuwidjaja, and the STM Strada school as an independent workshop, which also serves as a training ground for STM Strada students. Armed with good technical capabilities and satisfying customer service, Auto Strada's workshop continues to grow rapidly. This development was marked by the move of the Auto Strada workshop to a wider area on Jalan P. Jayakarta. Along with this transfer, the name of the Auto Strada workshop has also changed to CekMobilku until now. And from year to year CekMobilku is growing. After ten years of working on Jalan P. Jayakarta, the CekMobilku workshop was again moved to a larger area of ​​land in Cempaka Putih, precisely on Jl. Lt. Gen. Suprapto Kav. 17, Cempaka Baru, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. It was in this location that the CekMobilku workshop developed into an international standard repair shop that expanded its business into various automotive fields. CekMobilku's workshop business has expanded to several regions in Indonesia, such as Surabaya, Bandung, Bekasi, Bintaro, Kebayoran Baru, Kelapa Gading and Samarinda. The workshops under the CekMobilku banner run according to quality and service standards that follow the standards of brand-holding sole agents. On the basis of good technical skills, work quality standards, and the ability to build good relationships with customers, CekMobilku workshops are believed to be official repair shops for several car brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, Jaguar, Subaru, Proton and most recently Chevrolet. Apart from the workshop world, CekMobilku has also expanded its business into the fields of education and training, workshop consulting services, sales of workshop equipment, CBU car showrooms, and technical support for other general repair shops. As one of the official independent repair shops, CekMobilku's success in satisfying customer needs is based on a commitment to keep learning and developing, balanced with the use of the latest equipment in accordance with technological developments in the automotive industry. We realize that the success of the CekMobilku workshop is inseparable from the support provided by the community, both as employees and customers. Therefore, we believe that it is important for us to give back to the people who have supported us through activities that are our expertise.


To become the best car repair shop in Indonesia that prioritizes customer satisfaction, supported by sophisticated equipment and competent experts in providing repair services to customers, business partners, employees, shareholders and the public.


Building a healthy and trusted workshop by: - Providing superior workshop services based on the values ​​of honesty, justice and prudence. - Providing fast and quality healthy car services. - Providing precise & fast solutions starting from when the customer wants repairing a car, the process of waiting until the car has been repaired - Meet the terms and regulations related to the Workshop business. - Build mutually beneficial relationships with business partners. - Creating mutually supportive work interactions & a supportive work environment conducive. - Ensuring employee welfare. - Ensuring premium value for shareholders with capital management and Workshop Services efficiently and profitably. - Improving community relations through social responsibility programs.

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